Coach Clark


P.S. 181Q Elementary

2019-2020 School Year


Dear Parent,


Our goal in physical education is for everyone to learn to make healthy choices and feel successful when participating in a variety of activities.  This enables students to develop a positive attitude toward physical activity and to develop healthy habits, which will hopefully continue throughout their lives.


Students will be encouraged to have fun and enjoy PE.  They will also be encouraged to participate to the best of their ability in a wide variety of activities.  At the elementary level, certain skills are taught so that students will be able to pursue competitive sports as well as lifetime sports. 


Basic introductory skills for the following activities will be taught:  1) space awareness and relay games; 2) fitness activities including the state mandated FITNESSGRAM fitness test in third fourth AND fifth grades; 3) jump rope; 4) organized games and activities – volleyball, soccer, and basketball; 5) cooperative games; and 6) recreational activities – bowling, hopscotch.


Your child will have PE once or twice a week based on there schedule. Sneakers are Required/recommended. Appropriate shoes must have a non-marking rubber sole and cover the entire foot.  If sandals, open back shoes, high heel shoes or leather soled boots are worn to school, the student must bring appropriate shoes for PE. Shoelaces must be laced snugly and tied on top of the shoe.  If your child does not have appropriate shoes, he/she will walk during class or another appropriate exercise will be assigned.


***If your child has any physical disabilities, please let us know.  Problems such as chronic asthma, allergies, heart problems, diabetes, etc. need to be documented and kept in our files in the nurse office.  Prior knowledge will help us to monitor your child closely and correct or alleviate any problems that arise.  The students’ safety is important to us as they go through their daily PE routine.


 P.S. 181Q Elementary phone number 718-528-5807. 


Information about rules, vocabulary, grading system events and fitnessgram website are below. Looking forward to a fabulous and fun year!

GYM RULES:                                                                                                                     VOCABULARY:

1.NO FOOD, DRINK, CANDY, OR GUM ALLOWED IN GYM                                              1.BODY COMPOSITION                                    

2.NO ELECTRONICS IN THE GYM                                                                                     2.MUSCULAR STRENGTH

3.NO TOUCHING OR FIGHTING IN THE GYM                                                                    3.AEROBIC FITNESS

4.FOLLOW ALL SAFETY RULES  GIVEN BY P.E. TEACHER                                            4.FLEXIBILITY

                                                                                                                                            5.MUSCULAR ENDURANCE

GRADING SYSTEM:                                                                                                            EVENTS:

1.ATTENDANCE                                                                                                                  1.COED BASKETBALL TEAM

2.PARTICIPATION                                                                                                               2.FIELD DAY

3.LISTENING SKILLS                                                                                                         3.TEAM FUND RAISER



                                                                                                                                            The Five Thematic Categories K-5

                                                                                                                                             1.Safety and management

                                                                                                                                             2.Community Building

FITNESSGRAM WEBSITE:                                                                                                  3.Locomotor  Skills                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   4.Manipulatives                                                                                                                  5.Rhythm and Educational Gymnastics













Thank you,

Mr. Clark

Physical Education Teacher/Basketball Coach

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